Sound Design, Location Recording & Mixing for Film

Music Documentary

Speaking of texture, befitting a portrait on musical audio geniuses, the sound design and mix of the film is fantastic. ...I was noticeably admiring of the work of LA-based Jake Viator here—it is consistently interesting, with great presence and surprising in its soundstage.

Produced by Yours Truly Creative for Vinyl Me, Please. ALEATORIC tells the story of the Books’ Paul de Jong and Nick Zammuto’s fruitful partnership. Two separate existences come together in split screen–Paul, the “mad scientist” milling around his massive sample library, and Nick, the homesteader, against the sprawling landscape of Vermont. This bittersweet study of their collaboration illustrates how, at one point, these two halves created a perfect and volatile balance.

Produced by YouTube. These Things Happened chronicles G-Eazy's rise from humble beginnings. From handing out mixtapes on the streets of Oakland to world tours and platinum records, the film explores how he transformed himself from an underdog to a household name. The sound was designed with real moments from G-Eazy's tour and weaves re-imagined textures from his latest album throughout.

Produced by FADER. Cuco is a 19-year-old independent singer-songwriter making dreamy pop music. In this new short documentary from The FADER, Cuco opens up about growing up and feeling isolated and how he learned to express these feelings through music.

Produced by Soundcloud. A new sound is dominating London. Meet Afro B.  and the artists finding their voice and redefining African music while staying true to their heritage.

Produced by Yours Truly Creative for Adidas Originals. This episode of #SongsFromScratch, starring Terrace Martin and Smino, was recorded to tape by Adrian Younge at Artforum Studios in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Inspired by the process of recording to tape, the instrumental and vocal performances on this song were recorded in one-take.

Produced by FADER. You might not be able to control what happens to you but you can do your best to control how you react to outside forces. Singer and songwriter Dylan Reynolds couldn't have acted more brilliantly under that mantra since last year.

Produced by Red Bull. At the birth of hip-hop and electro in Los Angeles, Uncle Jamm's Army started out playing high school parties in the mid-70s, and went on to become LA's most popular dance promoters for over a decade.



Produced by Spotify. “It's all very from the heart. Everything instrumentally is how I feel, everything lyrically is how I feel but not exactly - the stories that are happening are not really related to me, like they're not autobiographical, but they are how I'm feeling.”

Produced by Splice. Armed with mics and mallets, Detroit staples Waajeed and Shigeto capture the sounds of Motor City, from the I-75 bridge to the mechanical whirs of the Archer Record Pressing plant. Movement Festival artists deconstruct and resample those sounds into field recordings into loops, one-shots, and ambient textures.

Produced by Arnette. Get on Board with pro surfers as they trip through California's tastiest waves. Sound was recorded on location and designed with the ocean in mind to set the tone for this mellow, dreamy trip down the California coastline.

Produced by Visit California. Join Gabrielle Reece as she explores the luxuries of California's southern coast and gives off-the-beaten-path inspiration for your next visit to the Golden State.


"Om'Mas Keith: Across the Board" tells the story of Grammy® Award winner Om'Mas Keith and his journey from a humble avant-garde jazz upbringing in Queens, NY to becoming one of today's most in-demand producers and collaborators to artists like Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, John Legend, and more.

When Katelyn (Kate Lyn Sheil) travels to Los Angeles in hopes of wresting control of a clothing company from her ex, Eugene (writer/director Eugene Kotlyarenko), she quickly realizes he has more than just business in mind.